About SEG

Sustainable solutions in energy and environment

SEG works as an umbrella organization and coordinates the necessary external experts and companies for projects. The organization has office facilities on Vilhelmsborgvej 15 in Thisted, Denmark.

Brief general presentation of SEG A/S:

Scandinavian Energy Group ApS was founded in 1992 to handle contracts for turnkey plants for the following jobs:

  • Construction of geothermal plants,
  • Construction of gas fired plant
  • Delivery and installation of absorption heat pump (AHP) plants (LiBr / water type)
  • Delivery and Installation of absorption chiller (AC) plants.
  • After sales service and maintenance of the absorption plants.

In 2009, SEG A/S was established to continue activities with emphasis on absorption cooling, including district cooling and heat recovery for process and district heating purposes.

SEG now has a collection of designs for AHP’s and AC’s, which meet EU standards for pressure vessels, pressure equipment and the CE mark.

Design includes optimizing performance with respect to:

  • a high Delta T for hot water-powered devices
  • good efficiency / volume and weight,
  • High COP within a wide modulation range.