Exhaust Gas Fired Absorption Chiller & Absorption Heat Pump

These can be direct exhaust gas chillers or multi-fuel type with direct exhaust with supplementary gas firing and LT hot water fed into the same chiller.direct-fired-cropped

The chillers are available from:

  • 100 kW to 12 MW cooling capacity

The Direct Exhaust Fired chillers offer

  • COP of 1.4 (double stage)
  • Multi-fuel compatibility
  • Monoblock burner
  • Superior part load performance. 10 – 100% stepless modulation. For cooling loads ranging from 10% to 100% of the design capacity, a 3-port diverting damper automatically varies exhaust gas flow in order to maintain the temperature of chilled water leaving the chiller. This ensures better part load performances.
  • The chillers are provided with a state-of-the art PLC based control panel, with unique display, user friendly interface and data-logging.
  • Auto De-crystallization. The chillers are installed with a unique auto de-crystallization circuit to eliminate any chances of crystallization.

The exhaust driven absorption heat pumps are costumer designed to be optimized at the specific purpose. Please contact us for further details.