Steam Driven Chiller

Thermax high efficiency steam absorption chillers are available in the following rangesteam-driven-vam-1

  • 350 kW to 6 MW (24 models) – single stage, working on steam inlet pressure of 0.5 bar(g) to 3.5 bar(g)
  • 200 kW to 12 MW (28 models) – double stage, working on steam inlet pressures from 4.0 bar(g) to a maximum of 10 bar(g).

The innovative design offers

  • COP up to 0.78 in single stage (0.8 at part load) and 1.4 in double stage (1.46 at part load)
  • Lowest cooling water (condenser) water consumption
  • Chilled water as low as 0Ā° C
  • The chillers are provided with a state-of-the art PLC based control panel, with unique display, user friendly interface and data-logging.

The steam drivenĀ absorption heat pumps are costumer designed to be optimized at the specific purpose. Please contact us for further details.