In 2009, SEG A/S was established, but the building blocks date back to 1992, where former CEO Lars Toft Hansen founded Scandinavian Energy Group Aps.

Since 1992, the company’s work areas have been;

  • Construction of geothermal plants.
  • Construction of gas fired plants.
  • Delivery and installation of absorption heat pump (AHP) plants (LiBr / water type)
  • Delivery and Installation of Absorption Chiller (AC) plants.
  • After sales service and maintenance of the absorption plants.

In connection with restructuring in 2009, Henning Sloth took over the director’s position in SEG A / S. Henning Sloth has a background as a chemistry engineer and with his long-standing impact back in 1994, he has continued the company’s knowledge and concept. The focus area was targeted at absorption cooling, including heat recovery for process and district heating and district cooling. For the last 9 years, absorption cooling to flue gas treatment has been our primary plant application area and ongoing today.

Since 2013, SEG A/S has initiated a service department to respond to the increasing demand for service and maintenance of absorption machines.

SEG now has a collection of designs for AHP’s and AC’s, which meets EU standards for pressure vessels, pressure equipment and the CE standard.

Below our product range is offered;

  • Hot-water chiller and absorption heat pumps.
  • Steam-driven chiller and absorption heat pumps.
  • Exhaust fired chiller and absorption heat pumps.
  • Gas-powered chiller and absorption heat pumps.
  • NEW – Ice water machine with the ability to produce frost down to minus 3-5 ° C.
  • In each product group, design, physical outer dimensions / weight and performance optimization will be some of our focus areas, so customization to individual customers will be met to perfection.