Amager Bakke – ARC – Flue Gas Condensation

Objective: Improved efficiency on waste incinerators for combined power and district heating

Being one of Northern Europe’s largest, and probably most advanced, waste incineration plants, ARC obviously decided to implement flue gas condensation in an ambition to achieve a high efficiency on the boilers.

In total an cooling power of 32 MW has been installed, as to parallel strings each consisting of 4 serial connected Thermax absorption heat pumps. This combination ensures the best possible efficiency and highest possible heating of the district heating water under the given conditions.

  • SEG’s role in the project has been:
  • Design of heatpumps, operational modes and regulation loops
  • Delivery and installation of the heat pumps
  • Commissioning and hand over of the heat pumps

The heat pumps were commissioned in the beginning of 2018.