Fritz Egger GmbH & Co. in austria

The purpose and operation of the project:

To produce cold process water for their production of wood products and flue gas condensation on the waste incineration plant. Cooling power is 6 MW.

The chilled water circuit of the absorption heat pump produces cooled water. Energy is absorbed from the process and flue gas condensation in the chilled water circuit, which is led back to the heat pump evaporator. The evaporator transfers the energy to the heat pump absorber. The absorber is the throughput of re-heat water, which is in series with the heat pump capacitor. The condenser and absorber heat the district heating water, which is supplied to the district heating network. The heat pump’s propellant is hot water about 150° C, which means that the electricity consumption for such a machine is minimal.

SEG A/S role:

To supply, install and commission the absorption heat pump and to teach the operating personnel in the use of the machine.


Description of the project content

The absorption heat pump consists of the following areas;

  • Design and energy calculations for the absorption heat pump.
  • Absorption heat pump with supplying components.
    • A piece of Thermax absorption heat pump of the type HS 80B P, dimensioned to provide 6 MW cooling.