Hillerød Heating Supply

The purpose and operation of the project:

In connection with the construction of a new wood chip plant in 2011, SEG A/S should deliver an absorption cooling machine. The purpose was to achieve a better cooling of the flue gas from the wood chip plant and thereby obtain an increased efficiency. Using the absorption cooling machine and associated scrubber system the flue gas temperature today is about 35°C. Cooling power is 500 kW.
The chilled water circuit of the absorption cooling machine is made of stainless steel, and can be traversed directly by the scrubbing water. The chilled water circuit produces as cold water as possible, which is led to the flue gas scrubber for cooling the flue gas. Energy is absorbed from the flue gas and the heated water is returned to the evaporator of the cooling machine, which transfers the energy to the absorber of the cooling machine. The absorber is the throughput of return district heating water, which is in series with the condenser of the cooling machine. The condenser and absorber heat up district heating water to about 50°C and shunt in the flow. The refrigerant’s propellant is district heating water around 100°C, which means that the electricity consumption for such a machine is minimal.

SEG A/S role:

To supply, install and commission an absorption cooling machine and to teach operating personnel in  the use of the machine.

SEG A / S was subcontractor to Eurotherm, which has delivered the chip part and the scrubber system to the end customer.

Description of the project content

The absorption cooling plant consisted of the following areas:

  • Design and energy calculations for the absorption cooling machine.
  • Absorption chiller with associated components.
    • A piece of Thermax absorption cooling machine of the type LT14 C SS, dimensioned to provide 0.5 MW cooling.