The purpose and operation of the project:

To produce district heating water with a flow temperature of about 85° C. The main components of the plant consist of 2 geothermal wells at a depth of approx. 2.6 kilometers, where the temperature is around 73° C. 3 Thermax G119 absorption heat pumps connected in series, which together have a cooling capacity of 10 MW. By coupling absorption heat pumps in series, it is possible to make a larger temperature span, where each heat pump lifts / lowers its temperature part. This allows the production of cold district water down around 15° C, which is exchanged with geothermal water, and raises the district heating water up to about 85° C.

SEG A/S role:

To supply, install and commission the absorption heat pumps and to teach the operating personnel in the use of the machines.

Description of the project content

Absorption heat pumps are comprised of the following areas;

  • Design and energy calculations for the absorption heat pump.
  • Absorption heat pump with supplying components.
    • 3 Thermax G119 absorption heat pumps, dimensioned to provide 10 MW cooling combined.