The purpose and operation of the project:

To provide comfort cooling to the new CHP plant – the energy tower. Comfort cooling for the ventilation system and server room.

The chilled water circuit of the absorption-cooling machine produces cold water down to about 10° C, which is exchanged with the comfort cooling circuit. The absorbed heat from the comfort cooling circuit is returned to the evaporator of the refrigeration machine, thereby transferring the energy to the cooler absorber. The absorber is the passage of the cooling water circuit, which directs energy up to the roof, where energy is returned to the dry coolers. The refrigerant’s propellant is district heating water around 100° C, which means that the electricity consumption for such a machine is minimal.

SEG A/S role:

To supply, install and commission a complete absorption cooling system and to teach the operating personnel in the use of the machine.

SEG A/S was subcontractor to Martin GmbH (Munich, Germany), which was one of the contractors for the end customer Kara / Noveren.

Description of the project content:

The absorption cooling plant consisted of the following areas:

  • Design and energy calculations for the absorption cooling system.
  • Absorption chiller with associated components.
    • Thermax absorption cooler type LT16 C, dimensioned to provide 0.5 MW cooling.

  • Dry coolers on the roof.

    • Twenty pieces of fans, which emit the absorbed energy from the comfort cooling circuit.

  • Pipe connections, pumps and valves, etc.

    • Dimensioning of pipes, pumps and valves for the cooling machine’s generator, condenser, absorber and evaporator circuit and pipe connections to the dry coolers on the roof.

  • Electricity, programming and control.

    • Preparation of the absorption cooling system’s control and connection to the CHP plant control room and associated electrical connections.

  • Preparation of final documentation