Lemvig – Flue Gas Condensation

Objective: Improved energy efficiency on wood chip boiler through flue gas condensation

In November 2016 SEG A / S has delivered, installed and commissioned a new 5G3MC absorption heat pump with a cooling effect of 900 kW. The cooling circuit of the heatpump delivers cold water to the flue gas scrubber, thereby cooling the flue gas to approx. 18°C in the chimney. The heat that is reclaimed from the flue gas is delivered to the district heating water in the condenser and absorber, thus preheating the water prior to the wooden chip boiler. This increases the overall efficiency of the plant.

The wood chip boiler supplies driving energy to the heat pump generator at a temperature of about 115° C.

The evaporator tube, end plates and turning chambers of the refrigeration machine are made of stainless steel to withstand the effects of the scrubbing water.

The design of this type of Thermax heat pump is different from that supplied to them so far. The machine has become more compact with its square shapes. It is still a single effect driven generator, but the bottom evaporator is divided into two chambers called “twin design”. The design allows the evaporators to have different temperature levels and thereby cool the water down in two stages. Hereby, the highest concentration of the salt solution from the hottest generator can cool the output of the low temperature evaporator better.

If you want to read more about the new design, there is information here: