Renova Waste Incineration Plant Phase- I, Göteborg – Flue Gas Condensation

Objective: Replacing of 13MW heatpumps on waste incinceration plant

As one of the first clients in Europe, Renova installed absorption heat pumps in 1984. After 35 years of continued operation, the original Sanyo heat pumps has been replaced with 2 off Thermax absorption heat pumps with a combined cooling power of 13 MW.

The cooling circuit of the heat pump delivers cold water to the flue gas scrubbers, which reduces the flue gas temperature in the chimney to approx. 25 °C, reclaiming most of the waste energy in the flue gasses.

The reclaimed energy is transferred to the condenser and absorber circuit and delivered to the district heating water which is preheated prior to entering the boilers. This increases the overall efficiency of the boilers significantly.

SEG’s role in this project has been to undertake the design, delivery, installation and commissioning of the heat pumps ibn Göteborg. The heat pumps were commissioned july 2018.

This project was phase I in a total renovation of Renova’s heat pump installation and will be followed by a phase II in 2019 of similar scope.