The purpose and operation of the project:

To cool the flow temperature of the water to the district heating plant’s new solar system and thereby increase the efficiency of the solar collectors. The absorption cooling machine can provide 500 kW. Effective solar area of ​​12,500 m2 with an expected annual production of 7,500 MWh.

The chilled water circuit of the absorption cooling machine produces cold water down to about 15° C, which is exchanged with the collector circuit. Energy is absorbed from the supply water to the collector circuit, which is returned to the evaporator of the cooling machine, thereby transferring the energy to the absorber of the cooling machine. The absorber is the passage of return district water, which in series with the condenser of the cooling machine, delivers heated district heating water of about 50° C. Hence, heat from the flow water is moved to the solar capture circuit into the district heating, thus improving the efficiency for solar collectors, while utilizing the heat in the district heating network. The refrigerant’s propellant is district heating water around 95° C, which means that the electricity consumption for such a machine is minimal.

SEG A/S Role:

To supply, install and commission an absorption cooling machine for the customer Sydlangeland District Heating and to teach the operating personnel in the use of the machine.

Ramboll was an advisor on the task.

Description of the project content:

The absorption refrigeration plant is comprised of the following areas:

  • Design and energy calculations for the absorption cooling machine.

  • Absorption chiller with associated components.

    • Thermax 5G3M C absorption cooling machine, dimensioned to provide 0.5 MW cooling.