Thisted – Flue Gas Condensation and Geothermal Energy

In 2016, SEG A/S has supplied a new 3.7 MW absorption heat pump to Thisted Varmeforsyning. The heat pump cools the flue gasses from the burners to 24° C and deliver the heat on the absorber and condenser side, lifting the district heating water from approx. 42°C to 74°C.

The driving energy is provided by 150° hotwater which is fed to the heat pump generator and contribute to the heating of the district heating water.

This project marks the latest in a row of succesfull collaborations with Thisted Varmeværk, being SEG’s first customer back in 1998. The first heat pump was a Sanyo (3.7MW) and it was followed by a Thermax heatpump (4.7 MWI in 2000 and this latest Thermax heat pump (3.7 MW) in 2016. All heat pumps are still in operation as art of the geothermal energy plant in Thisted.

Thisted Varmeforsyning was SEG’s first customer. Back in 1988, the plant installed a Sanyo heat pump (3.2 MW) and later in the year 2000, a Thermax heat pump (4.7 MW). Both heat pumps are still in operation, where they are part of the geothermal plant.