Velux A/S

The purpose and operation of the project:

Providing comfort and server room cooling to Velux’s office facilities.

The chilled water circuit of the absorption cooling machine produces cold water down to about 14°C, which is exchanged for the comfort cooling circuit. The absorbed heat from the comfort cooling circuit is returned to the evaporator of the cooling machine, thereby transferring the energy to the cooler absorber. The absorber and condenser are usually connected in series, but Velux can switch on the pipe connections. In that case (the summer periods), where Velux cannot decrease the heat for heating the buildings or the temperature difference between the evaporator and the absorber becomes too high, the absorption effect can be discarded in dry coolers instead. Only the capacitor effect is used. During the winter periods, when the heating requirement is sufficient, the cooling unit is normally coupled with a condenser and absorber in series, and both effects are used for heating buildings and domestic water. The refrigerant’s propellant is heated water from its own gas boilers or solar panels, which means that the electricity consumption for such a machine is minimal.

SEG A/S role:

To supply, install and commission an absorption cooling machine and to teach operating personnel in the use of the machine.

Description of the project content

The absorption cooling plant consists of the following areas:

  • Design and energy calculations for the absorption cooling machine.
  • Absorption chiller with associated components.
    • Thermax absorption cooler type LT21 C, dimensioned to provide 0.5 MW cooling.