Vestervig District Heating – Flue Gas Condensation

Objective: Improved efficiency on wood chip boiler

With the supply of this project. SEG A/S has designed, delivered and commissioned a turn-key solution consisting of:

  • Flue gas scrubber for cooling of flue gasses to approx. 15°C
  • Thermax LT10C absorption heat pump with a cooling power of 300 kW
  • Piping and pumps

The wood chip boiler provides driving energy to the generator of the refrigerator at a temperature of about 114° C. The scrubber circuit from the smoke scrubber is passed directly through the evaporator perimeter of the cooling machine, where the scrubbing water is cooled to about 12° C. The evaporator tube, end plates and turning chambers of the refrigeration machine are made of stainless steel to withstand the effects of the scrubbing water. The chimney temperature is lowered close to the 12° C, thereby utilizing the condensation heat from the flue gas to raise the overall efficiency of the plant. The cooling machine has been in operation since June 2015.