ECOCHILL NXT, the new generation series of gas/oil fired chillers are available from:

  • 160 kW to 4000 kW cooling capacity.

The NXT Generation Direct Fired chillers offer

  • COP of 1.2 (IPLV = 1.35)
  • Multi-fuel compatibility
  • Monoblock burner. Ecochill NXT fuel driven chillers can work on various types of liquid and gaseous fuels
  • Duel firing burner: For flexibility in use of fuels, Thermax can provide burners which have dual firing capabilities.
  • Superior part load performance. 10 – 100% stepless modulation. For cooling loads ranging from 10% to 100% of the design capacity, the burner firing can be modulated or varied (depending upon the type of burner) in order to maintain the temperature of chilled water leaving the chiller. This ensures better part load performances.
  • The chillers are provided with a state-of-the art PLC based control panel, with unique display, user friendly interface and data-logging.
  • Auto de-crystallization. The chillers are installed with a unique auto de-crystallization circuit to eliminate any chances of crystallization.