These absorption chillers and absorption heat pumps are available in low, medium & high temperature driven modes. Hot water fired machines are used for process cooling, industrial & comfort air-conditioning and heat recovery for process use and district heating.

Hot Water Chiller – overview

High COP hot water chillers are available from

  • 100 kW to 6 MW (30 models)
    – single stage with hot water inlet temperatures from 75° C to 140° C
  • 200 kW to 12 MW (28 models)
    – double stage with hot water inlet temperatures above 140° C

The superior Thermax design offers

  • The flexibility to work with large hot water temperature differences
  • Ability to work at low hot water temperature inlet
  • Higher COP at part load
  • Optimized performances in a CHPC concept
  • COP up to 0.78 in single stage (0.8 at part load) and 1.4 in double stage (1.46 at part load)

The absorption heat pumps are costumer designed to be optimized at the specific purpose. Please contact us for further details.