Ongoing Projects

Hammel Fjernvarme – waste incineration

Project Objective: Installation of Flue Gas Scrubber and Absorption Heat Pump

Hammel Fjernvarme have decided to establish further flue gas cooling on their wood chip fired burner. The current installation includes a scrubber for cooling of the flue gasses to about 43°C.

With the new project a 2nd scrubber will be established cooling the flue gasses further to 25°C.

The heat that is deposited in the scrubber is removed by a Thermax Absorption Heat Pump THP LT5. The reclaimed energy is delivered to the return water in the district heating circuit providing a preheating before the boiler.

This increases the boiler efficiency significantly, providing a saving in fuel of approximately 1.100 metric ton per year.

SEG A/S’s role:

Design, supply and commisioning of scrubber and heat pump.

Project Content:

  • Design and engineering of absorption heat pump and scrubber
  • Delivery and installation of heat pump and scrubber

Delviery and installation will take place medio 2020

RENOVA Waste Incineration Plant – PHASE II

Project Objective: Replacing 13MW heat pumps on waste incineration plant.

As one of the first clients in Europe, Renova installed absorption heat pumps in 1984. After 35 years of continued operation, the original Sanyo heat pumps has been replaced with 2 Thermax absorption heat pumps with a combined cooling power of 13 MW.

The cooling circuit of the heat pump delivers cold water to the flue gas scrubbers, which reduces the flue gas temperature in the chimney to approx. 25 °C, reclaiming most of the waste energy in the flue gasses.

The reclaimed energy is transferred to the condenser and absorber circuit and delivered to the district heating water which is preheated prior to entering the boilers. This increases the overall efficiency of the boilers significantly.

SEG A/S role:

At supply, install and commission 2 absorption heat pumps.

Project Work Packages

  • Engineering and energy calculation for the absorption heat pump.
  • Project management of the delivery
  • Delivery of 2 Thermax absorption heat pumps
  • Installation, welding, insulation, test and certifications
  • Commission and handover

This project is the 2nd Phase in a total rejuvenation of Renova’s heat pump installation. Phase I was completed in 2018.


TORUN – Geothermal Energy Plant

Project objective: Utilization of geothermal energy

In parts of Poland, geothermal energy is abundant and ideal for district heating. In this project the geothermal heat is extracted by 2 absorption heat pumps.

Geothermal water from the subterrain has a temperature of approx. 40°C. The heat pump supplied by SEG A/S move this heat from the geothermal water and into the district heating network.

In the cooling circuit of the heat pump, the geothermal water is cooled.

The heat that is extracted in this step is delivered to the district heating network on the condenser/absorber side of the heat pump, heating the district heating water to 90 °C

Driving energy for the heat pump is hot water at 170 °C.


SEG A/S role:

To deliver, install and commission 2 absorption heat pumps


Project work packages

  • Engineering, planning and energy calculations for the heat pump
  • Project management
  • Deliver of two Thermax absorption heat pumps
  • Installation, welding and certification
  • Commissioning and handover



Thisted Varmeforsyning- Fluegas condensation – turn-key solution

Project objective: Turn-key solution to provide increased capacity and efficiency on existing biomass fired boiler

For a number of years, Thisted Varmeforsyning has been operating a biomass fired (straw) boiler of 10MW power. The boiler is part of Thisted district heating supply.

In 2019, it has been decided to implement flue gas condensation on the boiler with the aim of achieving an improved efficiency and capacity on the boiler.

SEG A/S role: To engineer, deliver, install and commission a complete flue gas condensation solution, including scrubbers and condensate cleaning etc.

Project Work Packages

  • Engineering and planning
    • Energy calculation for scrubber and heat exchanger
    • Specification of pumps, valves and piping
    • 3D design of future plant
    • Timetable and budgets
  • Supply scope
    • Flue gas piping from exhaust fan to chimney
    • Quench pipe for cooling flue gasses prior to scrubber
    • Flue Gas Scrubber – SEG FGS 02- 1400
    • Heat Exchanger, pumps and piping
    • Chimney with GRP core
    • Condensate treatment plan – SEG FCS – 2000
    • PLC and control cabinet
  • Installation of above equipment
  • Commissioning and handover
  • Documentation

The plant is planned for commissioning in October 2019.