SEG Flue Gas Scrubber Solutions

Increased Energy Efficiency through Flue Gas Condensation

SEG has developed and supplied cost efficient flue gas scrubber solutions, that are specifically suited for flue gas condensation on CHP’s.

A Flue gas condensation solution results in an optimized efficiency and operational cost, and SEG has delivered solutions with direct heat exchangers as well as solutions that include heat pumps for condesate cooling.

Flue gas temperatures down to 20-25 degrees C are achievable with SEG solutions.

The SEG Flue Gas Scrubber is available in both stainless steel and glasfibre reinforced plastic (GRP), and combine a compact design and a good efficiency into a cost-effective solution

Our solutions are based on a modular design, that is adapted to the specific operating conditions and needs of each application.

SEG guide all projects from start to finish, and we take great joy and pride in understanding and delivering to our customer’s particular needs.

For more information, feel free to download our data-sheet for SEG Flue Gas Scrubbers or contact us directly for more information.