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SEG A/S - specialized in Energy.

SEG A/S is located in Thisted, Denmark, and is an abbreviation of "Scandinavian Energy Group". SEG has been providing solutions for energy production since 1987 and is recognized for our innovative and reliable solutions.

We have office facilities at Vilhelmsborgvej 15 in Thisted, production facilities at Erhvervsvej 9 in Hurup, and we carry out projects throughout Scandinavia, Eastern and Central Europe. bWe specialize in large heat pumps, flue gas cooling, geothermal and condensate cleaning.

We participate and support in all phases of the project, including

Our Core Values


Since its inception in 1987, SEG A/S has built up extensive knowledge of thermodynamics, energy engineering and practical implementation of complex energy plants.

SEG A/S' areas of work are wide-ranging:

Our solutions are innovative, reliable, optimized and adapted to the needs of a changing energy sector.

SEG A/S is a supplier of the world's best absorption heat pumps from Thermax, and we also have a range of our own products under the SEGFlu®️ brand.